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Developing the Next Generation.

May, 2024


For anyone who has been in the trades (especially construction), they know that this field offers a unique path for self-motivated individuals to build a rewarding career. However, recruiting and retaining talent in this industry can also be challenging. At LCS, we recognize the importance of nurturing young talent not only for our own success but also for the overall growth of the construction sector as a whole. To achieve this, we employ three key tactics:​​

  1. Outreach:
    By actively engaging with community education and job education fairs, LCS can interact directly with the next generation before they enter the job market. By speaking directly to, and providing active demonstrations to young folks before they enter the job market, we hope to show that there are extremely lucrative and fulfilling careers in our industry – if you are willing to put in the work.

  2. Hiring:
    With young workers just coming out of school, we know that most won’t last more than a few weeks when provided an opportunity. In our world, it’s just the reality that construction isn’t for everyone. However, we persistently provide opportunities because we understand that hidden among those who leave are individuals who discover their passion for construction. Identifying these passionate individuals is our goal.

  3. Development:
    Once we find someone with genuine enthusiasm for construction and the drive to succeed, we invest in their growth. Training, certifications, and on-the-job experience are essential components of our development strategy. Home-grown talent becomes a valuable asset for our team in the long term. We believe in maintaining a balanced mix of external hires and internally nurtured talent to create a dynamic blend of expertise.

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, LCS remains committed to fostering talent. Witnessing team members progress from entry-level roles to leadership positions is immensely gratifying – sometimes setting themselves onto a lifetime career path. As we continue to build bridges between education, recruitment, and skill development, we contribute not only to our own success but also to the vitality of the entire industry.

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