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Company Updates

Leveraging Technology to Get Better, Faster, Safer.

April, 2024


The construction industry is constantly changing, and while we might not generally think about construction as a tech industry, it is one that has always thrived on technological innovation. From huge jumps in battery technology, to advances in building materials, to managing commercial building projects from an iPad, the sector is always evolving quickly. 

In our mission to be the most professional, high-end commercial drywall and framing subcontracting business in North Carolina, technology has always been a critical component.

This is why we’ve expanded our partnership with construction software provider Procore in 2024 to streamline our capabilities and make our organization better, faster, and safer. Below are three examples of how we have already improved our business processes:

The Better:
Construction standards, documentation, and reference materials are always needed at hand, with some, like the ASTM Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board or SDS binders being critical reference pieces for our field team. By utilizing Procore’s centralized document feature, we can digitally store and produce critical documentation in the field - right where it is needed most. No more searching for information and standards, our Superintendents can just load them up where and when they need them.


The Faster:

Sharing documents and gathering information has gotten faster. Through digital file assignments, and online custom data collection forms, we can eliminate paper documents while getting critical project data to the proper stakeholders instantly. Whether it be tracking time and materials extra work tickets, tracking work progress in our daily log, or connecting with clients to get the latest construction drawings, our team has been working to build more streamlined processes in a number of areas.

The Safer:

Site safety inspections and weekly Toolbox Talks have gone totally paperless, with centralized reporting available to ensure compliance and consistency across the staff. Beyond saving time and money, it allows for the transfer of critical safety information in a much quicker fashion. Important safety issues, reports, and incident tracking can be instantly shared with the entire team, regardless of location, greatly reducing critical response times.

We’ve been pleased with our early results in leveraging Procore to support our ever-growing business, and still have a lot on our roadmap through 2024. As we continue to leverage this software suite in different ways, each innovation makes us just a little bit better, faster, and safer as an organization.  

LCS - specialty subcontracting
LCS - Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned-Certified Business
LCS - Inc 5000, Vet 100 Business
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